Plans start at $99/mo. + 2% online sales channels.

In-store sales & in-store pick-up orders 0% fee.

As we continue to develop and test all of our launch features we are currently not accepting new stores. Sign up for our waitlist to be the first to know. 

You can also email us at info@MantleStores.com with general questions.

Please join our Facebook group or our Discord to keep up with our release schedule.

Introductory Price!

$ 99 Monthly
  • +0% Instore Sales
  • +2% Online Sales
  • +2% Amazon
  • +2% CardTrader
  • +2% WooCommerce
  • +2% BigCommerce
  • +2% Shopify

Currently, we are testing features with a limited number of stores as part of our PATHFINDER PROGRAM. If you are interested in helping develop new features now and in the future please reach out to us here if you are interested.

Let's Get Started!

Want to find out more about Mantle? Drop us a line.
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