Development Path

Here you will find the current status of features in development. We have broken down the phases of development to give our current and prospective clients clear expectations. Spark Phase, Developing Phase, Testing Phase, Launch Pad Phase, Launched

Submit any ideas or suggestions that isn’t one of our current features or that is not on this list.

Every idea for a feature begins as a Spark. The bright flash of concept that someone on our team has or an idea that is brought to us that we feel is worth exploring. Many of the features we offer and that are listed on this page come from our Pathfinder Stores who also test these new features when the time come

Sort cards with Card Castle with direct importing.

The integration of multiple customer information sources. Cross platform saved cards, cart reminders, coupon retention, text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messeger, and more.

Access portal for clients to get the help they need quickly.

Automated ordering requests from distributors based on inventory stock levels. Contributing more detailed sales data for reporting systems.

Integration of customers’ game specific IDs – WPN, Kossy, Pokemon, etc – with their customer profile. Streamlining the pre-registration process for events.

A mode for the Point of Sale system to allow customers to place their own orders in-store. 

Full integration with Square website architecture and point of sale system.

Central alert system for customer service reps to assist with issues quickly.

We would love to develop and implement every new Spark that comes up, but we only have the resources to develop a few at a time. This is a list of all the features our team is currently Developing and that will soon be tested by our Pathfinder Stores.

Easy to use and understand user interface for billing and invoicing.

Clear and easy-to-use interface. All your most needed tools in one place.

Both physical and digital gift card integration.

Currently developing integration with database partner.

Keep your warehouse inventory locations complete with our Multi-Warehouse tools.

Integration with Walmart.com sales channel.

Once we’ve developed a feature we want to make sure that it meets the needs and expectations of our partner stores. At this point we will test it internally to the best of our ability until our team is satisfied that the feature is ready for wide scale implementation.

Priority Payment integration with POS system.

Customizable and detailed reporting tools integrated with the Customer Retention Solutions.

Clear an easy-to-use interface. A full suite of reporting tools at your fingertips.

Once the feature is ready for launch, we will slowly roll it out to a few of our Pathfinder stores to test its performance in the real world. This is to make sure our team gets a chance to the feature work for a real store, under actual live conditions. If for whatever reason the feature doesn’t live up to our expectations, or our Pathfinder Stores have significant feedback, then we may need to bump the feature back to the Developing Phase to make sure we get it right. One of our primary goals is stability, and this gives us a chance to test that. Some features may also be held here to package together or for timed launches.

Integration with CardTrader.com. Seller account required.

Publisher controlled product catalogs that allow users to easily import complete product details and images straight from the source. Contributing more detailed sales data for reporting systems.

Ability to have multiple users per account location.

Creation of a board game database developed from Board Game Geek rankings.

Once a feature is completely ready for wide scale implementation we will launch it for all users and post release notes and other important information.

A point of sale system built from the ground up specifically for game and hobby stores able to manage multiple collectible card game singles catalogs with millions of SKUs.

Integration with Amazon. Sell products seamlessly from your inventory on Amazon. Seller account required.

Seamless integration with the most popular online singles selling service. TCGP account and API access required.

Integration with Shopify sites and systems.

Integration with Big Commerce websites and systems.

Integration of the latest Stamps.com SERA REST API versions.

Updating all security to OAUTH 2.0

Partnership with MTGJSON, an open source project cataloging all Magic The Gathering data for easy use in importing MTG singles details.

Mantle is here to change the face of modern hobby game stores forever.

Stephen Kirwan, frustrated with his then, current eCommerce solution, set out to get his website rebuilt to be stable and work more efficiently and produce very needed analytics to make proper business decisions. 

Looking to his cousin, Kevin Kirwan, they went to work. After several years of hard work and meeting with our integration partners, we have fully developed a working platform designed to meet the demands of today’s retail world while remaining flexible to grow with the industry as needed.

What We Do

From setting up and selling your first product online through to managing multiple sales channels and thousands of online and offline orders Mantle has you covered.

We partner with leading platform and technology providers to ensure your business is running with the latest tools.

Mantle will help automate your products to market places, getting you more online exposure. Managing events, reviewing your customers experiences and more. The team here at Mantle is here to help you reach your business goals. Our goal is for you to own your store.

Automating fulfillment, getting more online exposure, managing events, reviewing your online & offline user experience and so much more the team at Mantle are here to help you reach your business goals.

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