Marketing Ideas for March 2024

1st – Employee Appreciation Day

  • Take this day to take a moment and show appreciation to your staff. It can be as simple or complex as you wish to appreciate them. Hosting an in-house party to sit down and thank every staff member in person will go a long way. 

2nd – National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss Day)

  • An event created by the National Education Association, it is designed to encourage children to read. It’s also Dr. Suess’s birthday soo… (sorry)

Today’s a day that’s quite a sight,
Dr. Seuss’s birthday — oh, what delight!
So grab your hat and spin a tale,
Paint a picture, or set sail.
In a world of dreams where you invent,
Take a moment for a creative event.
With words that rhyme and stories so bright,
Let’s celebrate with joy and light!

Or just set up an event that promotes reading or works with your local library for a cross-promotion

3rd – World Wildlife Day

  • Started in 2013 by the UN, World Wildlife Day is a take on the international protection of Wild Fauna and Flora in 1973. This day is more encompassing by using the theme, “Sustaining all Life on Earth” This is a good day to prepare for Earth Day in April (22nd). By setting up a month-long donation or tournament series that concludes on Earth Day can be a great marketing campaign that can do some good for the Earth.

3rd – 7th – GAMA Trade Show

  • The GAMA Trade Show is one of the best trade shows for the game and hobby retailer to attend. PS, We will be there! Stop by and visit! 

4th – Pound Cake Day

  • Pound cake is one of the most versatile cakes and is considered one of the oldest. Its name comes from the ingredients; One pound of flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and a touch of vanilla. Look for a local bakery if you don’t have your own food prep.  Here is a link to our recipe and a link to one we found with a lot of great reviews.[https://preppykitchen.com/pound-cake/ ]

6th – Oreo Cookie Day

  • Oreos are great. Most bulk stores have Oreos available for resale. This is a great way to include an inexpensive item as a giveaway with the sale or to feature an Oreo dessert. Don’t forget to include photos on your social media with hashtags.

8th – International Women’s Day

  • This day is to celebrate the social, economic, and political achievements of women from around the world.

9th – National Barbie Day

  • Happy Birthday, Barbie! Introduced in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York (now known as the New York Toy Fair. Ken was introduced two years later at the same fair.

9th – National Meatball Day

  • Meatballs have a long history and style depending on geographic location. Created from Beef, Pork, Veal, and Chicken, and can even be made Vegan, they are a versatile main stay to the dinner table. While non-restaurant stores may skip this day, any restaurant-style store may want to feature a high profit, high margin classic, spaghetti and meatballs dinner. 

10th – MAR10 DAY

  • All hail the original King of video games. Mario has been a wildly popular and successful character, brand, and franchise of Nintendo since 1985. Nintendo officially started to recognize this holiday in 2016. This is a great day to feature Nintendo and specifically anything Mario. Sales, tournaments, stream the original game? All great ideas. There is no limit on the creative marketing and branding to this.

10th – Chuck Norris’s Birthday

  • The day Chuck Norris decided to be born.

10th – Daylight Savings

  • Easy rhyme to remember this; Spring Ahead, Fall Back. Our clocks go ahead by one hour in March. RIP Sleep. 

12th – National Plant a Flower Day

  • Spring is around the corner and depending on where your business is located, you may already be feeling some of the fresh warm air. This day can be a focal point of a month-long campaign for Earth Day or as a stand-alone community service. This is a key reminder also as warm weather is coming and people begin to start thinking about spring activities and vacation planning.

12th – National Organize Your Home Office Day

  • Every year on the second Tuesday in March, National Organize Your Home Office Day is usually set to cleaning and tidying up your work from home areas. Many business owners tend to take their work home as they continue to plan, pay bills, schedule, and email later into the day to keep working on their business. Take today to clean up and organize your paperwork and remember to gather everything you need for the upcoming tax day, your accountant will be thankful.

14th – National PI Day

  • Not to be confused with Pie Day, (we will eat pies anyway) this is a fun day to celebrate the math constant value in math of 3.14159. There is a lot of creative marketing and events that could be done. Having a slice of pi? Pizza or Pie. Trivia, pie eating contests, or even a spot it game of every instance of pi seen throughout a day.

14th – National Potato Chip Day

  • America’s #1 snack food. Small giveaways or work with local chip distributors for some sort of cross-promotion. If you have a cafe in your business, add a handmade chip to your menu if you don’t already offer it.

17th – St. Patrick’s Day

  • Green Beer, Parades, and celebration of Irish heritage and culture. This day is generally more of a rowdy day than a celebration. St. Patrick’s Day is also celebrated by more countries in the world than any other single-day celebration or festival. Don’t forget to wear green today.

18th – National Sloppy Joe Day

  • The sloppy joe is a childhood staple and continues to be a favorite. The base ingredients are often ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, brown sugar, sola, and sometimes maple syrup, and served on a hamburger bun. Over the years it has begun to be made with turkey or buffalo. 

19th – Let’s Laugh Day

  • 24 hour jokes. Adorable baby laugh ringtones. Anything that adds humor to your day and social media reach. Ask for jokes, tell jokes, or share from your favorite comedians.

19th – National Poultry Day

  • Any poultry sales or menu specials would be ideal. I’m sure there is some crossover in telling bad jokes and being tarred and feathered too. 

19th – First day of Spring

  • Welcome Spring!

25th – Tolkien Reading Day

  • The day that Frodo destroyed the Ring. This day is dedicated to Tolkien and his work. There is plenty of marketing and events that can be held on this day. From a book reading to War Gaming with Middle-Earth by Games-Workshop [https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Middle-earth

27th – Scribble Day (Not Scrabble Day)

  • Celebrate our youngest artists or those of us who can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. Our beloved scribblers. By adding eyes to any scribble, you make a simple scribble come to life. This link is an example of sticker eyes. [https://amzn.to/47t469s ]

27th – Happy Birthday Quentin Tarantino!

27th – Red Cross Giving Day

  • Every 4th Wednesday in March is a great day to come together and give to the Red Cross, which helps support urgent humanitarian needs. This would be a great day to run a fundraising event. If you want to look at your local charities instead of the Red Cross, today is a great day for that.

30th – National Pencil Day

  • Its original meaning is to explore old writing tools and appreciation for them. Today makes a good day to explore two types of possible events in your business. A drawing class, drawing with pencils, having your roleplayers draw their characters. Use today as a possible think tank for dungeon masters to explore possible dungeons, traps, or campaign ideas. You can also explore deeper into the art and host a large paint-and-take for your wear gaming miniatures. Lastly, look at hosting an art show from your community.

31st – National Crayon Day

  • Celebrating a day dedicated to crayons and the impact of their importance to art and creativity. Introduced in 1903 by Binny & Smith as a cheaper alternative to expensive art supplies to now, where 12 million crayons are produced daily. If you sell crayons, this is a great day to feature them. If not, it’s still a great day to bring some in and host an event. Here is a link to Crayola with some free print-at-home sheets. [https://www.crayola.com/featured/free-coloring-pages/]

31st – World Backup Day

  • While this isn’t a day-to-market or brand, t is a great day to actually back up your sales data. Depending on when you file your taxes, your accountant or bookkeeper will very much love you if you keep a backup of your records in case of a hard drive failure. While cloud storage is all the rage and mostly secure, most of them are behind a paywall. Physical hard drive prices are very inexpensive and I recommend keeping a backup in a cloud service and an additional backup on an expensive hard drive, just in case. Talk to your legal counsel for advice on what specifically you should keep beyond basic accounting transactions. 

31st – Easter Sunday

  • Easter falls on an early weekend this year. While one of the most important events in the Christian faith, this holiday is also celebrated by children by finding candy and Easter Eggs left by the Easter Bunny. Getting a basket full of toys and treats from parents, or the Easter Bunny, is also very popular. Don’t forget those pastel colors on your advertisements!

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