Marketing Ideas for December 2023

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As December begins you’re probably deep in the holiday chaos both personally and with your business. All the more reason to schedule auto posts and plan as far in advance as you can. 

Below is a printable calendar for December 2021. Hopefully, this easy reference can help you plan events, sales, and marketing.


  • Rosa Parks Day
    • On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat after a long day of working in Montgomery, Alabama. Soon after Civil Rights leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., organized a bus boycott that lasted several months. Celebrate this watershed moment in American history – consider using your platforms to spotlight an organization that supports BIPOC in your community.


  • National Dice Day
    • What a perfect day to throw a dice sale! Probably the oldest known game component, dice have been around for over 5,000 years. So long, in fact, we actually don’t know where dice originated from. 


  • National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
    • On this day we remember all those who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. This event is often credited for bringing the United States into World War II and is one of many important holidays throughout the year that can serve as a reminder to reach out to local veterans organizations in your community and see how you can help.
  • Hanukkah Begins
    • The Jewish Festival of Lights celebrated for eight days, commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem by lighting a candle each night of the festival. Hanukkah usually starts between late November and late December.


  • National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
    • Now an international event, Ugly Sweater Day has exploded in recent years as a way to wear those tacky holiday pullovers that were once only received as gifts but now are often purchased or even custom-designed for the occasion! It’s so popular that you can even find patterns featuring your favorite superhero, cartoon character, or sci-fi movie.  Wear your best ugly sweater and make a day out of it.


  • Wright Brothers Day
    • Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on this day in 1903. There is so much to celebrate on this day – the ingenuity of invention, determination, and aviation history. There are lots of ways to celebrate if you plan on commemorating this day.


  • Answer the Phone like Buddy the Elf Day
    • “Hi! I’m (Your Name) the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” Elf has become a classic Christmas movie and who doesn’t love a little extra holiday cheer? What better way than to encourage your employees to answer the phone like Buddy the Elf.


  • Crossword Puzzle Day
    • Originally published in English children’s books, crossword puzzles are not only a fun way to pass the time but also may help delay the effects of dementia and sharpen the brain for problem-solving.
  • Winter Solstice/Yule
    • This day will have the least amount of light for the northern hemisphere and also connects with the celebration of Yule. Yule, which predates Christmas by thousands of years, is thought to be celebrated in many different cultures around the world.


  • Festivus
    • This fictional holiday first seen on Seinfeld is for those fed up with all the holidays. Replace the holiday tree or menorah with a bland Festivus pole, have a Festivus feast, and then begin the Airing of Grievances. At the end of the night, commence with the Feats of Strength and once all the tension dies down go to sleep knowing the year’s frustrations have been wiped away.


  • Christmas Eve
    • The night before Christmas can be a most chaotic time. Keep in mind those who have left their shopping to the last possible moment-Today would be a great time to mention those last-minute gift ideas,  and maybe offer easy gift-wrapping options as well!


  • National Eggnog Day
    • What better way to celebrate the eve of Christmas than with eggnog? Do you have any good recipes? How do you take your eggnog? So many options!


  • Christmas Day
    • Merry Christmas! 


  • National Candy Cane Day
    • Assuming you have any candy canes left, take the time to celebrate these surgery treats.


  • Boxing Day in Canada
    • The exact origin of this holiday isn’t known, but this day of gift-giving and goodwill is recognized in many countries. South Africa even renamed the holiday to “Day of Goodwill.” If you’re a retailer in Canada you’re hopefully prepared for this holiday.

  • Kwanzaa Begins
    • A week-long celebration based on the first fruit harvests in Africa, this holiday was created to strengthen the principles of communitarian African philosophy for African Americans who celebrate it. Each night one candle is lit on the Kinara and one of the principles is discussed: self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. 


  • National Card Playing Day
    • Originating in 9th century China, playing games with paper cards is one of the oldest pastimes. If you’re a game store take advantage of card playing day to spotlight all of the card games you carry. Even some of the lesser-known ones.


  • Bacon Day
    • What else do we need to say?


  • New Years Eve
    • Lots of people will be looking for fun ways to ring 2022 from home. Consider selling bundles of games or activities selected especially for couples, friend groups, or families to make their low-key celebrations a little more fun and unique. 

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