National Compliment Day

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Why compliments may help your bottom line.

National Compliment Day is a good reminder to not lose track of the details. First, take a moment to thank and send a compliment to your staff.

“Hey, I noticed you cleaned up your station today and it looks great, I really appreciate it, thank you”

“You are doing a great job greeting every customer that walks in, I wanted to take a moment and thank you.”

“You really went above and beyond helping the customer find the perfect game for their needs, I just wanted to let you know that I noticed and appreciated your work.”

In today’s world your staff have a plethora of opportunities to find a new job at. Most people tend to stay where they are appreciated and treated with respect. No one wants to work where they are disrespected or taken advantage of. This will help with your staff morale and work ethics. 

The better your staff feels about working with you the better they will treat every customer that walks through your door, calls on the phone, or emails your inbox. Staff that doesn’t think the work they do is appreciated, will start to give you work that won’t be appreciated. 

“Staff that are treated well will treat your customers well.”

Customers that are treated well will return to do business with you again and again. While this National Compliment Day is a single day of the year, it is a great reminder that throughout the year, you should be praising your staff when they are crushing goals and getting things done. In return they will treat your customers right, which creates return business and brand loyalty.

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