Marketing Ideas for July 2021

Summer is getting warmed up. So heat up those marketing posts ‘cause you’re gonna have to  compete with summer weather. Get your copy ready and checked, get your materials designed and proofed, and set those social media posts to auto publish.

Below is a printable calendar for July 2021. Hopefully this easy reference can help you plan events, sales, and marketing. You certainly don’t need to create something for every day, do what feels right for your store.


  • National Postal Worker Day
    • Postal workers deliver billions of letters and packages each year. Even with the occasional mistake, their percentage of mis-delivered mail is so small it’s a miracle. Take today to recognize and thank your postal delivery person, especially if you don’t already. While today is designed for the USPS, thanking your UPS, Fed-EX, and Amazon drivers is worthwhile also.


  • Hop a Park Day
    • Today is another reminder that physical activity is a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, or just help your general health. If you have a nearby park, plan an outdoor community event such as kickball or even a Pokemon GO community walk. If there are no parks nearby, consider trying to organize an event around the outdoors. Fundraise for the local chapter of Scouts to try and get kids to camp or a conservation fund to help clean up and care for the environment. Most schools also can use funding to help sports teams and other activities.


  • Independence Day – 4th of July
    • Celebrating America’s Declaration of Independence this day is filled with local festivals and fireworks. There is a mass market big budget push on marketing on Independence Day Sales or Independence Week Sales, so do not be afraid to ride the coattails of their multi-million dollar marketing effort by doing the same. Customers will already be primed for a sale due to their marketing. Don’t forget that this is usually a three day weekend and a bank holiday. Make sure you have your banking in order to maintain a three day weekend and plan extra events or activities if you are opening during this weekend.
  • Barbecue Spare Ribs Day
    • Due to the fact that a lot of Americans are planning to or attending a BBQ this week, a favorite is BBQ spare ribs. If you are a restaurant or work with a restaurant and want to try and offer a special, BBQ Spareribs is a good answer.


  • Fried Chicken Day
    • Fried Chicken, especially in fast food restaurants, has been in the news recently. Businesses are competing heavily with fried chicken sandwiches. Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, and McDonalds are spending millions of dollars in methods, marketing, and approach to selling a classic sandwich. If you sell food or are able to work with a local restaurant for a cross-promotion, today is the day to promote Fried Chicken. As a note; fried chicken doesn’t need to be delivered as a sandwich, it can be any fried chicken although the sandwich is what is making waves in marketing lately.


  • 7-Eleven Day
    • Although this isn’t directly a holiday or event, 7-Eleven is one of the top convenience store’s in the United States and has a strong brand around the world. 7-Eleven usually offers free slush drinks or inexpensive “fill anything” events that normally catch headline news. If you have a 7-Eleven near you, it might be worth trying to get a community event together to capitalize on their event. Who from your business can bring the most ridiculous or largest thing to fill. Follow up with a community building event such as Pokemon Go or a walk at a local park.


  • Embrace your Geekness Day
    • Let your staff wear their favorite fandom today! Involve your community and have them come in cosplay as their favorite characters, hold a parade, or interact with your community on your social media, sharing and tagging people throughout the day. Consider a give away to whoever has the best cosplay or coolest design of a giftcard or a copy of a game. 


  • Ice Cream Day
    • Ice Cream is one of the most sought after treats during the hot months of summer. Consider bringing in an ice cream truck or having a special this day.


  • Lollipop Day
    • Kids of all ages love lollipops! This is an easy day to add something special as a give away or with any purchase. Look to your local club stores such as BJ’s or Sam’s Club for a deal on bulk lollipops. They are extremely inexpensive and add a nice treat for your customers. 

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