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Retailers, this one is for you. Please, please please, take a few minutes and look at your Google, Bing, and Yahoo business settings.

Stats from Aug 2018 to Aug 2019 for United States

Google, Bing, and Yahoo search your store. “CLAIM THIS BUSINESS” if you have not done so already. Be ready to log into your admin account or primary email account.

You are going to want to make sure all the information is correct. Check the open hours, parking, website, and the excerpt is correct. Do you specialize in Comic Books? Sports Cards? Trading Card Games? Gundam models? Add it to the listing so when people search for “GAME STORE” “MAGIC STORE” “GUNDAM STORE” they will find you.

Filling out, adding photos and keeping up to date photos on the listings takes less then an hour total and take a peek at it every six months or so to maintain it, including special holiday hours.

Lastly, make sure the same information is available on your social media platforms, such as Facebook Business. Google, Bing, and Yahoo will compare data it has from your business and populate it’s own search listings with what it’s search spiders (aka bot or crawler) find’s for data and compiles it for you. The more data that is found, the more clear your listings are and more relevant you are on search.

TL;DR – Update your search results on the major search engines so when customers are looking for you, they can find you and contact you. It takes less then an hour to do it and will lead to a better customer experience from start to finish.

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