Podcast Episode 002 – Lynn Potyen

Welcome to Owning Your Business: A Hobby Game Industry Podcast from Mantle Media, and your source for the most knowledgeable and successful gaming retail professionals. So, what’s this podcast all about? Well, we’re going to be bringing you conversations with professionals from all corners of the hobby gaming industry. In the hopes that we can bring you the information, you need to make the best business decisions. We want to break down some of the barriers between distributors, publishers, and retailers, we want to get to the truths behind some of our industries biggest myths, and most importantly we want to generate positive conversations about some of the most taboo topics. Hopefully, together, we’ll be able to learn, laugh, and explore this ever-growing and always-changing world of the hobby gaming retail industry.

I’ll be your host and guide, Tony Cox, and today I’m talking with Lynn Potyen, owner of The Game Board, and game store marketing specialist who’s been guiding other store owners with her marketing workshops at the GAMA trade show for nearly 10 years. But, before Lynn joins me let me tell you about our next episode. While attending PAX Unplugged this past December I was able to sit down with Andrew Zorowitz of Form Brain Games about his experience with manufacturing gaming accessories, opening and closing his own game store, and the traveling circus of attending over 70 conventions a year. We talk about all that and more in episode three.

Would you like to be part of the conversation? If so, please feel free to reach out to us. You can send your feedback, questions, or suggestions for future show topics to podcast@mantestores.com.

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