Welcome and an introduction

Welcome to Mantle!

I am Stephen Kirwan and I want to introduce you to our blog.

The goal of this blog is to spread awareness, information, and secrets of the game hobby trade. As of now, we plan to share what we learn via multiple channels to make it easier for you to consume and learn! Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, and Tips and Tricks. A lot of the messages, interviews, and information we learn will be spread out in short bite-sized tidbits on social media as well as long form for listening, watching, and reading.

We will be interviewing and gathering information from around the hobby game industry and providing that information to you, for free. Yes, all of our information will be for free and we hope you use it to grow your business. We encourage you to partake in conversation on what we find and present. We believe that by helping everyone in our industry that we all will prosper. I hope that the information, interviews, and tips and tricks we find help your business.

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